New Client Information

Please come at least 20 min before your appointment time so that you can fill out the paperwork. If you are unsure as to where we are, please check the Location page.

Shiatsu treatment is done on the floor, on a mat specifically designed for shiatsu. Unlike typical Western body work (Swedish massage for example) the receiver is fully clothed during the session. Please bring or wear comfortable clothing, t-shirt/sweat-shirt and sweat-pants are recommended. Tight fitting clothing of any kind (jeans, skirts, etc.) is not appropriate as treatment involves gentle stretches, and physical manipulation of the body as well as acupressure point therapy.

For the purpose of assessment, we ask the new client to refrain from drinking coffee or any other caffeinated beverage on the day of the appointment. This is to ensure that the practitioner can gain an accurate view of the state of energetic harmony within the client using pulse assessment. Do not ingest any food or beverage that can color your tongue. The natural state of your tongue reveals as much information as your pulse for overall assessment. Also please do not wear any type of perfume or scented product.