What is Shiatsu

The term "Shiatsu" literally means "Finger Pressure" in Japanese. The term itself is relatively new, as it was officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1964 as a form of healing therapy. However, the tradition of the "healing touch", as well as Oriental philosophy which is the backbone of shiatsu goes back thousands of years. As such, shiatsu shares its heritage with acupuncture, and other forms of Oriental medicine.

Oriental philosophy states that everything is comprised of energy in various densities. As human existence is included in "everything" it is also formed by this energy, referred to as Ki in Japanese and Qi in Chinese. Oriental medicine attributes illness or wellness to the various state and condition Ki/Qi assumes in the human body, mind and spirit.

Shiatsu seeks to harmonize and improve the condition of this "vital force" according to natural law by accessing its superficial channels using "finger pressure" and other forms of energetic manipulation.

The goal of shiatsu is very simple.
"To harmonize the energy (Ki/Qi) within us to continually improve the overall wellness of one's existence."